The Wedding Photographers Timings in Nottingham

What times can we expect the days activities to unfold? We normally arrive an hour and a half before the actual ceremony to the Brides home address. This gives you time to do your hair and make up.  We can start taking the Bridal Preparation shots. The usual shots we insist on are the Brides Shoes, perfume bottle, button holes, gifts from the Bridesmaids, picture of the dress hanging up, Bride applying make up, bracelets, any jewellery new or old, bottle of champagne and glasses being drank, children getting ready having their hair brushed etc. Bride walking downstairs with parents, bride in front of mirror with parents and or mother or father. Pets observing. House number and street sign. As soon as the Brides dress is on and we have taken the final picture of one of the parents kissing the bride on the cheek downstairs in front of a mirror we then drive straight to where the ceremony is taking place to take pictures of the Groom and the guests arriving.

Bearing in mind at some point both Bride and Groom will need to meet with the registrar prior to the ceremony it is important to get a few shots of the groom stood outside with the groom looking nervous, looking at his watch, having a cigar, a last minute whiskey at the bar, the bestman adjusting the grooms button hole, cufflinks on the groom, groom hugging close friends. If the ceremony is in the hotel we always cover the room having been dressed prior to the ceremony before anyone arrives, the ribbons on the backs of chairs, the flowers, the registras table.

If you are hiring a car the bridesmaids will arrive first about 30 minutes prior and then he arrival of the Bride is usually about 15 minutes before the ceremony and more often than not accompanied by  the parent or friend giving the Bride away. We always advise the Bride to take her time as this is her day and shouldn’t be rushed so relax as we take a few pictures of you sitting in the car,  back door open with Bride looking out. Weather permitting we will then switch to the Bridesmaids in front of the car and the Bridesmaids and the Bride stood next to the car also.

If you have chosen a gold package and have two photographers one will be standing at the back of the hall and the lead photographer at the front to get you and the father for example giving you away whilst walking down the aisle arm in arm.  From this point onwards the  legal entity taking the service registra or clergy will direct you through the rest of the ceremony or service up to the signing of the register. Once the official signing has been done we then invite the other guests to take their photographs.

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