Be Aphrodite for Valentines Day

Having trouble deciding what to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Ultra-hot and deliciously naughty, consider gifting your man with a boudoir album this year. Boudoir is infinitely better than a cheesy card or box of chocolates, because he can return to those pictures again and again. Not only do you feel like a goddess for a day, but your boyfriend or husband will appreciate such a truly special gift.

How to Boudoir

You might be pondering about the experience and checking out social media sites or photographers like Chantal Benoit Photography in Ottawa for details on a boudoir shoot. You might be worried that putting on lingerie and standing in front of a camera is too revealing. Or you might not feel comfortable in your own skin.

Trust me, after a one-on-one conversation with a professional photographer and sip of wine, you will be ready. The photoshoot is not just for him, after all. Every shot taken, and every hour spent editing and compiling the perfect photo album is in your honor. So when you ask about how to do boudoir, we simply say, just let your beautiful self shine through.

A professional photographer will know how to erase the parts you are not comfortable with, such as wrinkles or cellulite (which is beautiful—never think otherwise) so all you and your husband see is the Aphrodite dwelling within. Also, if you are worried about the price, there are options available to accommodate every budget.

Will You Boudoir My Valentine?

There are a number of reasons boudoir for Valentine’s Day will blow your special someone’s mind—in a good way! Here are some ways you can get creative with your boudoir photography shoot to deliver an epic gift this year:

  • Wear lingerie that he had picked out for you before;
  • Wear his favorite colors or color scheme;
  • Highlight the engagement ring or another piece of jewelry you received from him;
  • Dress in one of his button down shirt;
  • Highlight the parts of you that drive him crazy;
  • If he is artistic, get creative with shadows and colors. Talk to your photographer about various settings and lighting options;
  • Pose with his favorite guitar or instrument;
  • Get silly. For example, if your man loves your baking skills, take a pic with you biting into (or pretending to) a cookie or cupcake;
  • Add the spirit of the holiday by using props, like Valentine’s Day colors, cherub wings, and roses;
  • Get various sized photographs for his wallet; make a photobook; or ask your photographer to build a 12-month calendar for you. Options about how to display the photos are endless.

Remember, being you is the main part of boudoir. Except you are dressed a bit more sexily than normal. Having fun and be proud of the gift you have put together is what matters.

Professional boudoir photographers like those of Chantal Benoit Photography are happy to give you some advice, set up a meeting, and map out exactly how to craft an awesome Valentine’s Day gift.