Are Wedding Rehearsal Invitations a thing in 2018?

A big decision while planning for your wedding rehearsal dinner is- should you go the extra mile and send everyone in the guest list a wedding rehearsal invitation. You may find this surprising but wedding rehearsal dinner invitations are becoming a popular trend this year. And a lot of couples are already making rehearsal invitations part of their wedding plans. Not sure if these cute wedding invitations are for you? I’ve rounded up a couple of facts to help you decide. 

You don’t need to be a fan of formalities and customary traditions to admire the gesture of having rehearsal invitations. The main reason for sending such invites is to relieve pre-wedding tension and to make everyone feel comfortable without upstaging it.


What you need to know!


Despite traditional practice, rehearsal dinner invitations could be as simple as it could get! You don’t need to over do it! Think of it as a subtle way for the families to spend time together without any stressful program or hectic schedule. You can invite your immediate family or even the whole guest list. It’s really up to you. As long as everyone spends quality time with each other and ease up the tension of nuptial planning.




When it comes to rehearsal dinners, it should be scheduled in a convenient date and time for everyone. With this, rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent 2 weeks prior to the rehearsal date. This will insure the highest possible turn-out in attendance and keep stress levels to a minimum.




Besides the date and time, one thing that couples always look at is the design, color scheme and of course the wordings. If you are good with the pencil, then you can do a DIY and create something unique and personal. But if you are not that gifted (like me!) I recommend going for wedding websites just like Basic Invite. This wedding invitation website offers a wide variety of designs with over 800 invitation sets that you can customize with almost unlimited colors. They even have custom samples that you can instantly preview online which makes it a lot easier for you to choose your dream design. So, you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it - down to the littlest detail.

Final Take


Rehearsal dinner invitations are a surefire hit to add in your arsenal of surprises. Your guests will feel extra special with these invites and will surely be irresistible for them not to participate. Keep in mind that with these simple gestures, you will show a glimpse of your big day and showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness.