4 Exciting Ideas for Wedding Receptions

People all over the world have been celebrating their marriages in the most memorable way they can think of. They exert extra effort to make the affair stand out. Aside from the ceremony itself, an important aspect of the event is the reception. Check out this list of ideas you can consider for an awesome wedding reception:

Make Colours Work with Your Theme

One of the things most people pay attention to during a reception is the décor. With the different aspects of design, you have to make pieces work with the venue. If you take random decorative items and stick them anywhere you want, the reception can look incoherent and disorganised.

To do it the right way, you should take a look at your design concept. Are you going for a navy-themed design? Or are you leaning towards a traditional and dainty type? This can serve as your guide in choosing pieces with colours fit to your concept.

Why not choose blues and whites, with a touch of red for your navy-inspired venue? You might think that neutral-coloured items are the only ones appropriate for a conventional style. However, you can also choose rose gold, purple and mint green traditional pieces. Remember, this is your day and you can pick any theme and colour that suits you, your partner and your relationship.

Prepare Unique Giveaways

Because your wedding is a very special day, you want your visitors to remember it with fondness. With this, you may choose unique giveaways that will make your celebration stand out. If you predict that guests will party hard at your reception, you can prepare a hangover kit to help them get through headaches and upset stomachs the following day. This actually depends on your theme so make sure to consider it when thinking of unique gifts.

If the event is an intimate one, you and your partner are likely to be familiar with every one of the guests. Why not prepare something special for each of them? You can use your seat plan as a guide when thinking of unique giveaways to attendees.

Arrange a Food Truck or an Open Bar

Great dishes make for an exciting celebration. However, offering dishes that your guests can customise is even better. These interactive food stations allow guests to truly participate in the small moments that make up your wedding. Not to mention, they can create personalised bites that will make them happy, content and full throughout the day.

Set Up Photo Booths and Hire a Professional Photographer

Another way to make sure that you, your partner and your guests remember your wedding is to set up a photo booth and hire a photographer. Remember, photography has the power to immortalise memories, capturing every emotion and intimate feelings in just one click. By hiring the best wedding photographer, you can look back on the happy faces of your guests and remember the joy you felt celebrating that special moment with them.

Looking back at your wedding should always be a sweet and cherished moment. With these ideas, you can proudly reminisce about your special day knowing that you made it a delightful celebration.